Spring Allergies?

Last week we had ONE nice day so I pulled a few supers from the hives that had extra honey left over from the winter.  Ethan and I extracted it this weekend, so if you want to get a jump on the spring allergies with some honey, I can get you fixed up!  $10 for…

Swarm Flyer

Several folks have asked about posting a flyer for collecting swarms, here is the link to download a pdf file for you to use as you see fit.  As always, I reward swarm calls with a pound of honey, so keep your eyes open! Swarm flyer Download PDF Here  

Spring sweetness

It’s been a long winter and I decided it was time to warm up up a bit of honey and bottle it up. So if you are craving a taste of summer, let me know. $10 for a 1 pound bottle.

Feeding the bees

It hit 50 degrees today so Ethan and I popped open the hives and gave them some pollen for a protein boost today. I was a bit surprised to see they had found some pollen themselves!


Swarms are a bees way of creating a new hive.  A new queen is hatched and she takes off with about ten thousand of her closest friends and lands on a branch or wall.  The bees hang out while a few scouts look for a suitable place to call home.  They may hang out for…