A quick look at night

Its been a couple of weeks since I have gotten into the hives but I plan on pulling some honey supers tomorrow.  So tonight I just took a quick look at some of the hives to see what I will be getting into tomorrow. In case anyone is in Conneaut this weekend, I plan on…

Split day

In the spring a bee colony grows aggressively to prepare for swarming to create a new colony. To keep the bees in production, you can split the hive into several different colonies and trick them into thinking they are not ready to swarm. Here are a series of pictures from the splits we did yesterday.

When a hive gets too big!

I took the time to get into the bees this afternoon and worked up a sweat! There was one hive that was very strong with 8 boxes stacked up for the one hive and that is before the honey starts going full steam. The lower six boxes had eggs and brood, so I split it…

Look out for swarms!

Now that spring weather is here, I have had the opportunity to get into the hives for inspections.  In the strong hives, there have been queen cups, which means the bees are preparing for swarming – their way of creating a new colony of bees an continuing the circle of life. There were no eggs…

Fun with bees!

I spent today putting 12 packages of bees into happy homes. While some people may get more than a little freaked out by having 36 pounds of bees in the van, I like to listen to them hum. It’s been a long day, so I’m just going to share the pictures and explain more later.