Not following the rules

Yesterday I got a call from an old friend telling me that he had a swarm of bees.  I thought, yea right.  Honey bees swarming in September.  That just doesn’t happen.  Then he told me they were on the ground.  So I told him those are hornets, no way it would be honey bees.  His response was I am 95% sure they are honey bees.  After a few minutes of telling him he was wrong, I told him to send me a picture.  I’ll show him I thought.

This is what he sent.  A large swarm of honey bees on September 1, on the ground, breaking all the rules.  So I packed up and drove 35 minutes to get them.  True to form they continued to break the rules and left 10 minutes before I got there.  Just another day for a nice ride!

Just when you think you know something, the rules change!  And honestly, it no longer bothers me.  I like learning new things.

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